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Fall is officially here in Texas & we couldn’t be more pleased. We had an apartment sale last week to clear out our clutter before we move to the left coast in a few short months & are happily taking in the changing leafy colors & cooler breezes. It is an exciting time of the year! Here are a few things on our radar at the moment; change is in the air so why not change your hair, room [or life while you are at it]?


The Beauty Department is one of our favorite blogs right now. Everything I ever wanted to know about hair and makeup is available at the click of my mouse! This makes being a well put together lady way more feasible. TBD is run by Lauren Conrad, Kristin Ess, and Amy Nadine- professionals when it comes to all things beauty. With picture tutorials, hair care regiments, and even video tutorials… TBD has everything you need to be a girly girl! Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to scour through the site and bookmark your favorite looks and articles!

Smoky Eye Tutorial

Fall Nail Hues



Be proud of your state or city! We like these creative ways to pay your respects to wherever you happen to live.  



We know landlines are almost obscure these days, but these phones are so deserving that we might have to shell out the extra dough! They have such old school charm. 

ETSY // 80S Rotary Phone - $98

ETSY // Western Electric 500 Avocado Rotary - $24

ETSY // Pink Metro Telephone - $50


One of our favorite stores has some great new bedding that has caught our eye! What better time to treat yourself & buy comfy new bedding than the best season of the year, fall?

Pieces of Lightning Bedding

Tessallae Duvet

Love Letters Sheet Set


WE <3 FALL!! Do you have any special fall traditions? We are curious. Leave us a comment here or on our facebook page! xo

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